On the issues

Putting Colorado First

Michael isn’t afraid to take on his own party or work across the aisle to get things done for Colorado.

Michael has spent the last seven years traveling the state, listening to Coloradans and bringing common...

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Colorado’s agriculture and food industry generates more than $40 billion in economic output each year. Recognizing agriculture’s importance to Colorado, Michael has traveled the state and listened to farmers...

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College Affordability

The cost of college has increased exponentially over the last few decades. Our kids shouldn’t have to sign on for a lifetime of debt just to get a good education. That’s why Michael has been a champion for making...

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The Economy

Strengthening our economy and supporting efforts to create more good-paying Colorado jobs are at the center of Michael’s work every day.

Michael’s top priorities are aimed at growing the economy,...

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As the former Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, Michael has fought to ensure that all of Colorado’s kids have access to a high-quality education.

A leader on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and...

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Energy and the Environment

Michael supports a comprehensive energy approach for Colorado that will help move the nation toward energy independence, while protecting the environment, our natural resources and Colorado’s public...

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Health Care

Michael is working to make sure that more Coloradans have access to affordable health care that works for their families.

He championed a bipartisan measure that expands access to quality, affordable health...

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Immigration Reform

Michael knows our immigration system is broken, and he’s long been a champion of comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship.

Michael was part of the “Gang of Eight,” a group...

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LGBTQ Equality

Michael has been a supporter of marriage equality for years and will continue to fight for equal protections for the LGBTQ community, because no one should be discriminated against because of who they are or whom...

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Military Families and Veterans

Colorado is home to over 400,000 veterans and Michael believes our nation should honor its commitment and provide our veterans with access to the care they’ve earned by serving our country.

Michael worked...

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National Security

Michael supports smart security solutions that protect Americans here at home and our national security interests abroad.

Michael helped write and pass a bill out of the Senate that would add 19,000 Border...

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Reforming Washington

Michael knows that Washington is broken — that’s why he’s taking on Washington dysfunction and partisan obstruction and continues working to make Congress more functional
— and to do that, he believes...

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Michael is fighting to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security so our seniors can enjoy their retirement without going bankrupt.

More than 40% of Americans over 65 would be living in poverty...

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Women’s Health and Economic Security

Michael is standing up against attacks on women’s health and fighting for more financial security for working women.

As the father of three girls, Michael wants a world that will treat his daughters the same...

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Working Families

As the cost of living in Colorado increases, more working families are getting left behind. That’s why Michael supports raising the minimum wage, because you shouldn’t have to work two jobs to live above the...

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